Will late fees at a movie rental store affect credit rating?


We have a large fine at the movie rental store and we are planning to just not rent anymore movies. Can this fine affect our credit rating? I believe the fine is either $ 30 or $ 60.



Calvin C

if you do not pay it, it surly will because they will report to collections who will report to the CRB’s and instead of 30 or 60 you will owe 100 or more

stan c

If it’s over 30 days, it will be reported as a slow pay to the credit bureau and will stay on the reports for 7 years.

Katherine W

I’ve never seen a movie rental store show up on a credit report. They certainly don’t report monthly. If it does report because you don’t pay, then it will ding your credit about 50 points. If you’re not planning on buying a house, or a car, or insurance, anytime soon, then don’t worry about it. On the other hand, for $ 60, are you really willing to drop your credit?

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